At Canopy we strive to be a community that is responsible in nature. Read below to see how we're choosing to make an impact.

¼ mile from Founders Square

½ mile from Publix

1 mile from Babcock Neighborhood Schools

Over 13 miles of trails with 50+ miles planned

Walkability of Community Cover Image

Walkability of Community

Low Flow Fixtures at Canopy Save Over 3.7 million gallons of water each year. This is a 32.5% reduction as compared to traditional plumbing use.

Annual Energy Savings at Canopy 1,277,214 kWh Equivalent to 101,850 gallons of gasoline Carbon sequestered by 1,071 acres of forest.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Water & Energy Efficiency

We use Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paints, sealants and construction adhesives. This reduces the off-gassing of products (you know, that new car smell…not good for you!)

Indoor Air Quality Cover Image

Indoor Air Quality

The plants selected are either native Florida plants or have adapted to the Southwest Florida climate.  All plants are drought tolerant which reduces water needs for the landscape by 50%.  We also use non potable water for irrigation helping to save drinking water.

Florida Friendly Vegetation & Outdoor Water Use Cover Image

Florida Friendly Vegetation & Outdoor Water Use